eagleUp on WINE

How to setup CadSoft's EAGLE, Trimble's SketchUp and Jerome Lamy's eagleUp (which relies heavily on ImageMagick) to play nicely together under WINE on Linux:

Test Environment

This setup was tested on Linux 4.0.5 with WINE 1.7.45, EAGLE 7.2.0, SketchUp 2015, ImageMagick 6.9.1-6-Q8-x86-static and eagleUp 4.5.

eagleUp 4.5 Modification

eagleUp 4.5 suffers from a minor bug, which prevents it to import the actual layout of your PCB into SketchUp under WINE. The bugfix is simple and also works on native Windows:

OR simply download my ready-made-file with some small additional fixes:

804f7e05f0dbd3d8b49c6080d801216aacb2f36f134fe82f61c635e0ac91aca3 (SHA256)

Setup Procedure


Export of an animation as h264/mp4 encoded video file does not work. Use raw/avi or webm instead.