I am using 123Solar and a modified version of sma_get on a machine running debian to log some essential values of a small solar power plant, whose vital part is a SMA SunnyBoy 5000TL-21 inverter. The inverter is equipped with a RS485-module, connected to the server via a FTDI USB <-> RS485 adapter. Because there are some pitfalls concerning this setup I offer my working configuration files for a bit of assistance.

Example configuration files


Modified version of sma_get for modern SMA inverters

When I tested sma_get for the first time, it crashed with a segfault. It turned out, that you have to use different Channel names for data retrieval from current SMA inverter models. I put my quick&dirty changes to v0.982 of sma_get.c into the following patch. Use it with some caution...

ba7fd0f3649f71f0b73e361b9e8c03315f24392edcc9cdd8c58ccc95e270aadf (SHA256)

Import script for SMA SunnyDataControl logfiles

I have written the bash script 'sdcto123', which can be used to import the energy 'production' values from older log files created with SMA's SunnyDataControl tool into 123Solar. Feel free to use it, share it and also to give some feedback! Tested with GNU bash, Version 4.3.8(1)-release. Dependencies: awk, cal, grep, sed, sort.

(v0.1) sdcto123
655c0edb92cee156d3f4ed6251a81d9e5b9326a8129982f81a28568575846f9a (SHA256)


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[2] Home of sma_get
[3] YASDI libraries by SMA